About Our Center

The Stiles African American Heritage Center, an
outgrowth of African American History on Wheels founded
in 1992, is located in Five Points, the heart of Denver’s
historic African American Community.  

Our Vision

To create a heritage center where African American
history is celebrated 365 days of the year.

Our Plan

To provide a center emphasizing positive contributions of
African Americans while preserving African American

Our Mission

To teach African American history and to encourage
young people to go forward with dignity and pride.

Our Goal

To help all people become aware of the significant
contributions African Americans have made toward the
development and progress of America.

In 2005, we were named The Best of Denver by Westword
Magazine for our rich cultural teachings and diverse
educational environment.  
Stiles African American Heritage Center, Inc.
Denver's 150: People
Who Care

Selected as one of Denver's 150
people who care, Grace Stiles,
Founder.  In celebration of its 150th
birthday on Nov. 22, 2008, the city
and county of Denver has selected
150 of its citizens to honor as
"unsung heroes" -- ordinary people
who have done extraordinary things
to help make our city a better one
for this and future generations